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Help Kayse Jama Get Big Money Out of Oregon Politics

The current political system we have was built by and created for the rich to benefit them. Large corporations influence and attempt to control politicians through unlimited financial contributions, PACs and dark money, keeping the system intact and swaying their policy decisions and votes. In order to have true democracy, we have to remove money from our politics. For years, I have advocated for public financing of campaigns. I fought for Portland’s first public finance system and was tapped as one of the five Public Finance Commissioners appointed.

When special interest groups or corporations write you a check, they expect something in return. Money is not speech, and we must reverse Citizens United at the federal level. Until then, people-powered grassroots campaigns like mine can keep elected officials in touch with their constituencies.

The influence of money in politics is the reason that I have never and will never accept any corporate PAC money or funds from big business or moneyed interests. I am running a grassroots, people-powered, community-funded campaign and, when elected, will champion bills that rid Oregon of the "pay-to-play" system.

Sign my pledge today and show your support for a candidate fully committed to campaign finance reform.


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