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The Issues

East Portland and North Clackamas must make a fundamental decision. Do we stand by and watch as our neighbors are forced onto the streets, living paycheck to paycheck, in fear that we could be next? Or do we come together and fight for a people’s agenda that brings security and stability to all? Are we ready to take on those in power, whose cynicism has forgotten the hard working people of our district and those throughout Oregon?

Education: The most recent state budget came $200 million short of meeting our educational needs. It’s time to reverse this trend and invest in our children.

Equity: We must remove systemic barriers that people of color, immigrants, refugees, and low-income families face in order for all Oregonians to thrive.

Gun Violence: Gun violence is a solvable tragedy. We need both common sense legislation and school safety measures.

Campaign Finance: Let's rid Oregon of the "pay-to-play" system.

Healthcare: Healthcare is a human right. All human beings deserve to live healthy lives.

Fair Taxation: We must end corporate welfare and ensure big business pays their fair share.

Housing: There is a rental housing state of emergency in Oregon, with Senate District 24 one of the hardest hit. We need solutions.

Climate Change: Climate change is the single most dangerous issue facing humanity, but it also represents a huge opportunity to re-imagine our infrastructure and transform our economy.

Economic Justice: Breaking the cycle of poverty will require a re-balancing of our priorities from giving people a "leg up" to giving them a way out.

Labor: It's not enough to be pro-worker and pro-union. Today's environment requires something more of our leaders.