Fair Taxation

Fair Taxation

Oregon's tax system needs fundamental reform. We are trapped in a cycle of adjusting a budget that is failing us, and large corporations are not paying their fair share of taxes. This means that Oregon workers, homeowners, and low/middle income earners are shouldering a higher percentage of the tax burden than they should.

I support initiatives such as the Oregon Corporate Disclosures Initiative (IP 25), which would require tax transparency from publicly traded companies so that lawmakers can create fair policy and understand the actual effective tax rates corporations pay, whether tax incentive programs are working, and who these programs benefit.

We must shed light on corporate tax dodging estimated at hundreds of millions in lost state revenue. Ordinary people can't shirk their tax responsibility and neither should big corporations with paid lobbyists. It isn't fair to either Oregon's small businesses nor to the taxpaying public.

As your next Oregon Senator from District 24, I will work to:

  • Close corporate tax loopholes and ensure fair taxation
  • End corporate welfare for large, multi-national, and out-of-state businesses
  • Ensure our state budget prioritizes needed services, such as education, over corporate profit